Prices Up, Consumers Upbeat & Dropbox Drops Into Seattle

Consumers think 2015 will be a better year than 2014, especially for selling a home. But the recovery will slow as the rebound effect fades before fundamentals become strong. Key markets to watch are in the Northeast, South, and West.

Housing In 2015: Consumers Upbeat, But Recovery Faces A Tricky Handoff – Forbes

The U.S. economy, helped by a stronger job market and falling oil prices, should enjoy the fastest economic growth in a decade next year, according to a panel of top business economists.

Economists forecast fast growth in 2015 – Seattle Times

Hiring reaches turning point for America’s jobless – AP

People are still hot to buy houses and condos in the Seattle metro area, where pending sales last month reached a nearly eight-year high for November. But for now buyers have fewer options because the number of residences on the market is dropping.

Housing prices climb as inventory drops in Puget Sound area – PSBJ

King County median home price up 6.3 percent over year ago – Seattle Times

Dropbox comes to Cloud City: Popular cloud provider opens Seattle office – TechFlash

No, Microsoft doesn’t plan to lose money on Windows 10 – Seattle Times

Paul Allen donates $100 million to create cell science institute in Seattle – PSBJ



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