Remember the Water Mantra – OFF Your Roof and AWAY from Your Home

Pop quiz! How many gallons of water does the average-sized Seattle roof (1,000 square feet) shed during the course of the year?

If you guessed 35,000 gallons – kudos! You are correct!

In Seattle we are faced with consistent rainfall and this can pose a myriad of issues if the moisture penetrates your home. The key to avoiding these issues is ensuring that these 35,000 gallons of water flow OFF your roof, into your gutters, down the downspouts and far AWAY from your home!

In order to properly defend against water, a healthy roof is crucial. So, get out your ladder (or call a professional to do so) and check out your roof. First, check the condition of the roof, especially areas of flashing where the roof meets the chimney, pipes and other protrusions. Next, take a peek at your gutters. Are they clean and clear of debris? Check the undersides of the gutters to ensure they aren’t separating at the joints and check the downspouts to ensure they are securely connected to the gutters, and all pieces fit together snugly. If your gutters are not clear, don’t use a hose in an attempt to flush them out – this will only force the debris into the downspout and clog that instead. Finally, check the base of the downspouts where they meet the ground. If the downspout is simply emptying water at the corner of your house, add an extender to channel the water AWAY from your home.

While we’re discussing the roof – if you ever get those flyers offering to pressure wash your roof, recycle them. Pressure washing a roof is a no-no in that it causes unnecessary wear and tear which can reduce the life of your roof. Call me if you want to discuss do-it-yourself cleaning, or hire a pro who will come and clean your roof without pressure washing it.

This is an important item to keep top of mind as we head into rainy season. If you need a recommendation for a roof/gutter professional, let me know.

Good luck out there!

john blacksmith

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