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Zillow Premier Agent: Who Is Buried In Grant’s Tomb?

After two full months I finally got an inquiry from someone on Zillow.

The question was about a Green Lake condominium, unit #304: “Is it on a 3rd floor?…”

We emailed and called the individual several times to no avail.

In three months and over $1,200 in cost I have received three inquiries.  None of which appear to have been legitimate.

Who is on the other end of a Zillow lead?  The answer is the same as “Who is buried in Grant’s tomb?”

The answer to this riddle asked regularly by host Groucho Marx on the game show “You Bet Your Life” as a consolation question is “no one

To be clear.  The person handling my account has been great.  Responsive, polite and friendly.  That being said, this (so far) is the worst advertising money I have spent in a very long time.  This program is not working.  I hope that changes.


As the manager of Lake & Company Real Estate I am often asked by fellow agents if certain advertising platforms are worth their hard-earned money.  In real estate we are constantly approached to pay for different “lead generators”.  This is an account of my current experience with Zillow.  However my experience turns out, I hope it helps fellow agents when researching if they want to participate with the Zillow Premier Agent program.