Where Do Your Property Taxes Go?

The following chart shows where your 2013 King County property taxes are allocated:

prop taxes KING county

Property taxes are mixed in King County for 2013, with property values and property taxes down for many. However, some property owners will see their property values decline while their property taxes increase, and other property owners will see both their property values increase and property taxes increase. Overall, property taxes in King County are up 3.35 percent for 2013, due to a number of voter-approved measures that have recently passed. At the same time, the aggregate value of property in King County is down 1.48 percent for the 2013 tax year (2012 assessment year).

Property owners who are seeing property values decline but property taxes increase may be wondering why that is. In the majority of cases, it is due to voter approved property tax measures at the ballot that increase property tax collections. These are typically school, fire or other levies and bonds.

(*Please note that Surface Water Management/SWM is a separate fee that is included in your property tax statement, it is not a tax)

We are beginning to see a recovery in the housing market in King County, “ said King County Assessor Lloyd Hara. “Through property values continue to decline in most areas, there are also a number of areas where property values are increasing including in the City of Seattle and the Eastside.” Learn more (PDF)

Please note that the first half property taxes are due to the King County Treasury by April 30th.