zillow premier does it work

Zillow Premier Agent: Zero Dark Zillow

At this point I am still forgotten by Zillow.  I still have two profiles even though after my post last week I was contacted a Zillow employee who promised to fix it.   I responded positively and was thankful for the outreach.  He was friendly and seemed at the time to want to help.  But a week later… nothing.

How about leads?  That is what I am really paying for.  Since February 13th: zero.

Painful.  I hope it gets better.  Obviously I want this to work.  It is not cheap.

Update:  Minutes after posting this I received a call from Adam and within moments my profiles were merged.  Thanks Adam!  Super helpful & friendly.  Now there is only one Jason Wall in Seattle on Zillow.

As the manager of Lake & Company Real Estate I am often asked by fellow agents if certain advertising platforms are worth their hard-earned money.  In real estate we are constantly approached to pay for different “lead generators”.  This is an account of my current experience with Zillow.  However my experience turns out, I hope it helps fellow agents when researching if they want to participate with the Zillow Premier Agent program.