zillow premier does it work

Zillow Premier Agent: So Far… Sucks!

Well after three weeks of having my “Premier Agent” account flashing in the corner of the Zillow page for the zip code of 98103 it has pretty disappointing.  I had two contacts.  One appears to have been a fake name, although we did pursue it just to be sure.  The second also did not return our calls or emails.

Additional frustration comes from the fact that Zillow’s information for listed properties is so often inaccurate.  Both parties that contacted us had indicated an interest in properties that appeared “available” on Zillow but were, in fact, “pending”.  So for thousands of dollars I get the opportunity (if anyone ever called back) to explain why Zillow’s information is inaccurate.  Yeah!

zillow two agent accounts

Additionally when I signed up, the sales rep promised to fix a long time frustration where I have had two agent accounts with my contact information and reviews.  I had given up on merging the two accounts long ago, making any corrections with Zillow is time-consuming and frustrating.  Because there is no easy way to contact Zillow.  They make fixing listing errors or agent account errors virtually impossible to address.  So when I bought into the Premier Agent program the Zillow representative promised he could fix it.  A small but nice perk.  Well… three weeks later it is still not fixed.

So far my “zestimate” of Premier Agent is not very good.