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Zillow Premier Agent: Starting Out

Joining Zillow Premier begins like most “opportunities” to advertise in real estate.  A call out of the blue from a call-center.  The young guy that called me was polite and personable.  You could hear numerous young people yucking it up in the back along with the white noise of many people talking at once.

I agreed to a 6 month agreement at a cost of $440.00 a month for the area code 98103 in Seattle.  Rather than pay monthly I agreed to pay the entire 6 months up front for a 25% discount.  What do I get on Zillow in the 98103 zip code?  In a rotating banner of other agents I am told to expect 4,000 views.

My homework to get started was to complete my profile on Zillow.  Not a problem, I had done that years ago and even had client reviews posted resulting in a 5 star rating.  Looking good!  Let the calls & emails roll in!!

We shall see…

zillow profile