Realtors Defend Homeowner Benefits

Did you know …

  1. The Mortgage Interest Tax Deduction (MID) helps mostly middle- and lower-income families? 91% of those who took the MID make less than $200,000 a year?
  2. Capital Gains Exclusion allows you to exclude up to $500,000 from capital gains?
  3. Federal Housing Administration loans help put home ownership within reach for millions of homebuyers at no cost to tax payers?

Home ownership is important to your local economy, and we at the NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS® are working hard to make home ownership more affordable for more Americans every day.

Across the country, families are benefiting from federal programs that help not just home owners, but also their loved ones and communities. And right now, these programs are at risk.

Is your real estate agent a REALTOR®?  They should be.  Make it part of your decision process when choosing an agent.