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Dispute Resolution

Are you having a problem with a neighbor and you are both frustrated and beyond reasoning?  King County has a way for you to find a solution without hiring attorneys and escalating the issue to an expensive and even more adversarial level.  The Dispute Resolution Center of King County (DRC) is a non-profit organization that has provided affordable mediation and conflict resolution services for individuals, businesses, and families in King County since 1986. The DRC uses professional mediators from the community who volunteer their time to help us solve over 1,000 disputes a year. Using volunteer mediators helps us keep the cost of providing services low so that more of our citizens have access to a low-cost resolution process.

The DRC offers facilitative style, face-to-face mediation at our main office at the historic Good Shepherd Center in the Wallingford neighborhood of Seattle, or at our satellite location in Federal Way. The DRC provides free mediation services at all four Small Claims Courts in King County so that people can choose mediation instead of litigation on the same day of their small claims trial.

Dispute Resolution Center of King County services include:

  • Mediation
  • Small Claims Court mediation
  • Conflict coaching
  • Individual consultation
  • Group mediation or facilitation
  • Information and referral
  • Training

Will mediation work for me?

Resolving conflict by using an alternative approach like mediation is very successful. When people litigate their disputes, they comply with the court order about 34% of the time, but when they use mediation they keep their agreements 71% of the time! This is because when you’re part of creating the solution, you generally feel better about the agreement and are much more likely to stick to it. There is no doubt—mediation works!

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