Mortgage Calculators

When considering a new mortgage or refinance it is sometimes nice to look at numbers from the comfort of home before calling a lender.  Below is a link to a website that offer numerous financial and mortgage calculators.  Check them out and then call me if you would like to talk with a lender, I would be happy to refer you to my favorite.

This website offers many great calculators for answering questions about your mortgage…

If you’re shopping for a mortgage, a financial calculator designed to answer specific mortgage questions can go a long way toward making your course of action clear in just a few clicks.

You might be asking yourself, What kind of monthly payment does a specific loan amount, loan term, and interest rate translate into? How far will my mortgage balance drop after 7 years? How soon can my refinance pay for itself? How much do I need to make each month to qualify for a mortgage of a certain size?

For each of these questions and more, there’s a financial calculator here suited to your needs.’s quick mortgage payment calculator—the Basic Loan Payment Calculator—gives you your monthly principal and interest payment with just three inputs. The Fast Amortization Calculator goes further, breaking down principal and interest payments month by month for the full term of your mortgage. This is just the start of what you can do with this suite of mortgage calculators.

With’s mortgage calculators, complex financing decisions become simpler. This free resource puts you in control: you can run the numbers to confirm a mortgage lender’s figures or become comfortable with different home loan scenarios before getting in touch with a lender.